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Understand Your Baby’s Cries


Crying is communication by your newborn to you. But how do you know what your baby is saying?


Most parents would cycle through feeding, then changing baby’s diaper, or bouncing baby to sleep, to see what takes. If you learn the Dunstan Baby Language (DBL), you won’t have to do this anymore. Instead, you’d be able to decipher your baby’s needs quickly, so you can be that confident parent you wanted to be, and form a secure attachment with your bub from an early stage.



  • This program is ideal for expectant parents or parents with babies aged 3m and below

  • Babies have been observed to make 5 “pre-cry” sounds to communicate to parents that they are hungry, tired, uncomfortable, experiencing wind (chest) or gas (lower tract). These cries are based on reflexes innate to your baby

  • DBL has a proven track record of delivering the following positive outcomes for you and your baby:

    • Babies cry less and settle more easily as their needs are ably met by their caregiver

    • Parents feel more in control and confident in their parenting. This also lends to more peaceful marital relations

    • Mums experience better feeding results because they feed on their baby’s cues of hunger

    • Babies have more uninterrupted sleep as any underlying non-behavioral issues have been dealt with

    • Secure attachment is established because parents are able to respond effectively to their child’s cries


You will get…

  • A Dunstan Baby Language tutorial conducted via Zoom where you will learn the 5 sounds and solutions for each pre-cry (approx. 1h)

  • A video record of each of the pre-cry sounds you can take home to practice with

  • However, if purchased with a sleep package, you get the additional benefit of a sleep consultant being with you during bedtime support to help you to identify the cries your baby makes, and the consultant’s expertise to tap on as to how to respond to your baby

Interested? Book a 30min discovery call with Debra Lam, our sleep consultant

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