Certified Sleep Sense Consultant 
Founder, Lullabub Sleepers

Hi, I’m Debra and I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed and at the end of your tether with sleep deprivation.

I’m a mother of 3 daughters under 4 years of age. Like you, I had aspirations to give my firstborn the best of what I had to offer. But my hourly attendance by her cot meant that, come morning, I simply could not function as the mother I wanted to be.

As a former lawyer, I read extensively for a solution. Yet I struggled to decode which method was the right fit, and to find which voice in the sleep training community spoke with greatest authority. After numerous failed attempts to D-I-Y, I felt trapped and alone.

The game changer came when my husband and I engaged a Sleep Sense consultant. With her, we were educated on our little one's sleep needs, and she took the guesswork out of figuring what worked and didn't work for us. The results were astonishing. Over a couple of days our child was sleeping through the night and napping like a champ. Our lives were changed, and my well-rested, contented child could now enjoy her connected and energetic mama.

With the knowledge I’d acquired, I later successfully applied the program to my twin daughters on my own. From a young age, they’ve slept beautifully and independently in their own beds.

Since then, I’ve trained personally with the founder of Sleep Sense, Dana Obleman, and I am a part of a world-wide network of Sleep Sense consultants well-versed in related fields such as lactation, child nutrition, child behaviour, etc. My experience has shown me there is no substitute for personalized guidance from a trained sleep expert. After all, each child has a unique personality and each parent a personal parenting approach.

As your sleep expert, I will marry these considerations (and more) to provide you with proven techniques to have your child sleeping right. You can trust that I will support and guide you and your little one through the process with a compassionate hand, and provide you an improved rhythm to your night and day routines.

LullabUB's approach

Type “baby sleep training” into your search engine, and it will probably yield results like the “Fading” method, the “Ferber” method, the “Cry-It-Out” method, the “Chair” method or the “Pickup-putdown” method, to name a few.

Here at Lullabub Sleepers, we adopt the Sleep Sense approach, which focuses on accommodating different parenting styles, personalities, and family needs, etc, rather than following any one sleep training method.

The hallmark of our Lullabub consultants is that we’ll:

  • Discuss what works for your child with you and seek to understand your lifestyle and parenting preferences. Doing so helps us deliver you a bespoke, clear, and easy-to-follow sleep plan that is sustainable for your family, and that you and your spouse are 100% confident you can commit to.

  • Emphasize sleep education. We’ll want to equip you with holistic knowledge on your child’s sleep needs so you understand the “whys” and “hows” behind the sleep plan. Doing so also prepares you for your child’s journey beyond our time together.

  • Discuss and set with you realistic, age-appropriate sleep goals for your child, and explain to you what to expect as you progress through the plan. This helps you maintain patience and focus even when progress seems slow.

Let’s address the tears

At its heart, sleep coaching empowers your child with the gift of healthy self- regulation skills, which is the ability to manage one’s own behaviour, cognition, attention and emotion when challenged.


Acquiring these skills therefore necessitates a challenge. This will take place in the form of changing your little one’s means to fall asleep. This change will often be met with resistance and… you guessed it. Crying.

Many parents (us included!) struggle with letting their little one cry. This protective stance is instinctual and natural. Babies cry to communicate. And if your little one was crying as a display of real need, we would never ask you to be inattentive to that.

But then there’s also crying that expresses displeasure. Many children cry when they don’t get what they want, but that doesn’t mean you give in. Ultimately, as the parent you want to act in your child’s best interest, even if that results in tears in the short- term.

At Lullabub Sleepers, we advocate lovingly and respectfully supporting your child through the protests and the process. We’ll minimize tears according to your comfort levels, meaning you’ll be able to choose the level of reassurance to give your child, whilst working through this much-needed change.


Still have reservations about the crying? Have our sleep consultant address your specific anxieties by booking a 30min discovery call with us, now.