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Sibling Sleep Training

(Concurrent sleep training- $150. Consecutive sleep training- 50% off the cheaper package.)


You can sleep train multiples and siblings of different ages at the same time, even if they share a room. The ages of the children and how much they struggling with sleep will determine how we execute the sleep training plan. Contact us to find out how to maximize your chances of success.

How it works…

  • At the discovery call, you’d be given a preliminary assessment of whether, given your circumstances, it is preferable to sleep train your children concurrently or consecutively

  • If concurrently, then you will pay full price for the first child, and $150 for each additional child

  • If consecutively, then you will pay full price on the highest priced package, and receive 50% off all other package(s). Please note that all siblings’ packages must be booked at the same time for this program to apply

  • Illustrations: (all packages here are assumed to be virtual packages)

    • Sarah is the mother of twin girls aged 2-years and desires to sleep train them concurrently. This is possible, and Sarah’s investment for good sleep is 815+150= $965

    • Jake is the father of a 4-year-old son and 9-week-old daughter. He has been advised by us to sleep train the two separately. His investment for good sleep is (745/2)+815=$1,187.50

    • Josie is the mother of an 18-month-old girl and newborn son. She would like to work on her son’s sleep first, then her daughter’s. She would also like to purchase the “Understand your baby’s cries” program. Her investment is (745/2)+100+815=$1,287.50.

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