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We love hearing about how our baby sleep consultants help our clients improve their lives after sleep training. Listen to what other mommies and daddies have to say about us

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Florence & Mark (Claire)

My post partum journey was rough. We did not have a nanny or helper. We were new parents and did not prep enough beforehand to learn how to care for a newborn (how to shower, bottle feed, burp, putting to bed, repeat, redo, repeat). It seemed impossible that amidst the chaotic daily mess, how a routine could possibly ever exist. We severely underestimated the intensity of care required for our first born child - Claire. We struggled day and night trying to soothe her, coax her to feed properly, and put her to sleep being the hardest. Claire was perpetually overtired and overstimulated. We did not have the confidence to manage her for even a day without...

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