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Soothing Sleep: Combining Breastfeeding and Independent Sleep

Does your baby only fall asleep while nursing? Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and longing for a change? You're not alone. This was the reality for Mummy C, a working mom with a 5-month-old baby who relied solely on nursing to sleep.

Mummy C's story is one of struggle and triumph. During maternity leave, nursing was a sweet way to bond with her baby. But when she returned to work, the situation became unsustainable. Her 50-something year-old mom was battling back aches from holding the baby all day, and Mummy C herself felt completely drained. Exhausted and emotionally strained, she desperately wanted to be a present mom and wife, but the constant nursing and lack of sleep made it impossible.

Seeking help, Mummy C turned to Lullabub Sleepers. Together, they crafted a personalized sleep training plan that addressed her unique needs and challenges. This included:

Managing Bubs' sensitive skin

We discussed strategies to prevent eczema flare-ups and ensure a comfortable sleeping environment.

Accommodating Mummy C's work schedule

Sleep training started with an earlier bedtime and gradually adjusted based on Bubs' natural rhythm.

Preserving breastfeeding

Nursing remained part of the bedtime routine, with allowances for one night feed and mid-night pumping to maintain supply.

Engaging caregiver support

Mummy C's mom actively participated in sleep training, ensuring consistency during the day.

The results were remarkable. Within a week, Bubs was:

  • Sleeping through the night with only one wake-up for a feed.

  • Falling asleep independently in the cot within 12 minutes.

  • Taking predictable naps exceeding an hour in duration.

  • Clocking up to 14 hours of total sleep per day.

Mummy C's story is a testament to the transformative power of sleep training. She is now a well-rested, joyful mom with a thriving baby. If you're ready for similar results, reach out to Lullabub Sleepers today and schedule a free consultation. Let us help you create a personalized sleep training plan tailored to your family's needs and guide you on the journey to sweet dreams.

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